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I bought a passion vine; have never owned one before this one. The vine had a lot of buds on it and one that was open when I bought it. Most of the buds are not opening and falling off, looking totally dead. What might be wrong? I have been watering the vine frequently but make sure it drains well and check that it is not overwatered. Is this proper watering procedure?



You need to supply more information. What kind of Passion Fruit is it? Some are tender, and some, like Passiflora Caerulea and Constance Ellliott are reasonably hardy over here. Also, what area of the USA do you live, and what is your hardy zone? Is it indoors in a pot or outside in the ground?

Passiflora do shed their leaves and buds for the winter. Let the soil dry out a bit before watering, water just enough to keep the soil moist over winter.

9 Nov, 2011


Thank you for replying. I purchased a Passeflora vine just a few days ago. It is still in a pot and is outside in a protected mostly sunny south exposure. We are in a 9-10 hardiness zone.
From what you have written it sounds like the plant may be on schedule and my concerns are for naught.

9 Nov, 2011


This is the most comprehensive guide to hardiness of Passiflora species and hybrids.................

9 Nov, 2011


Thank you, Meanie - you don't sound like a meanie to me!

9 Nov, 2011


Hi Sharon, do you know what species of passiflora you have, maybe post a picture? You live in a hardy zone roughly comparable with the west coast of England which I think is 9. As I said, not too many Passiflora are frost hardy, in fact most won't tolerate any frost at all and quite a few need a temp above 5 deg c to survive. So unless you know what species you have, better to keep it indoors, give it lots of light and it will grow very prolific, maybe too big for inside. It will do far better outside though, assuming it will survive frost.

Hope this helps?

9 Nov, 2011


I found info that indicates (b/c of global warming?) Venice, FL is now considered a zone 10. Since I am not particularly computer savvy my attempt to post a photo of our passion vine may have worked or maybe not. Here's hoping. I gather if a frost warning is in effect, it would be best to bring the vine inside but otherwise outside throughout the year would be ok.

Vine is looking better today - maybe because it knows I am sending out concern for it!

Thanks again, Myron, for your input.

10 Nov, 2011

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