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I have a dwarf apple tree that has, this year, provided me with 5 medium size apples. The apples are deep red almost burgundy coloured, I have plucked 2 of them from the tree and when I cut into them the flesh is a very pale green with a slight sharp but very crunchy pleasant taste. The pips are dark which I understand means the apples are ripe. Could you suggest what variety the tree is and should I have 2 to assist with pollination next year. Thank you Geoff Allen



there are so many!-- I've a similar problem only with old trees inherited with the garden, its been suggested to find a local 'apple day'-- sometimes at nurseries and see what they say

9 Nov, 2011



9 Nov, 2011


You could try the following website - it has photos and descriptions of dozens of apples. You may find possible answers there.

9 Nov, 2011


you dont need 2 bye the way thow some plants you do like kiwi fruit but apples arnt one of them .

10 Nov, 2011


Agree with noseypotter - no need to pollinate yourself. Type of apple sounds like a 'spartan' apple. I have a step-over plant of this type. Deep burgandy red on the outside, crisp, juicy and very pale green inside and dark pips. I planted it in my veg plot in a large pot without a bottom to stop roots spreading out into my veggies. But suggest you go with gattina to get confirmed ID. Pick them fresh when they come away from the main plant easily. My last fruit held until two weeks ago - the fresher the better!

11 Nov, 2011


It sounds like a 'Red Rome', but that's just a guess from the description. If you can provide it, info on the time of bloom would make it easier to identify the variety, and suggest a compatible variety for pollination. Planting another of the same kind won't help with poallination, though.

14 Nov, 2011


there is a place in asia that has know bees anymore so they have to grow fruit trees and self polinate . its not that bad here YET .

14 Nov, 2011


I saw that on Public Television here in the States, Np. As I remember, they specialize in Asian Pears, and have to hand pollinate between genetically different varieties, that bloom more or less at the same time.

15 Nov, 2011


and there are know bees tugbrethil as they are truley dying out and if they do we are going to find out just how importent they are (gulp)well thats the program i watched anyway .

15 Nov, 2011


Fortunately, here in the desert, there are a number of native species of solitary bees that can take over the pollination. I would miss honey, though, even though I can't eat very much of it these days! I hope that beekeepers are putting some effort into breeding strains that resist some of the insults they have been enduring these past years. I've heard a lot of verbal hand wringing, but I haven't heard much about attempts to solve the problems, lately.

16 Nov, 2011


me to for sure tug .

16 Nov, 2011

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