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By Magreen

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I have a sage planted in a pot (about 1 year old). It has been doing well but today I noticed that it is covered with tiny green insects that jump when I touch the plant. Will these cause harm and how can I get rid of them.



Possibly a leaf hopper Eupteryx melissae It is a pest for commercial growers but they never seem to do my sage any real harm.

10 Nov, 2011


Many thanks Pimpernel. My plant looks so healthy I wouldn't like to see it die off now. Magreen

10 Nov, 2011


I wonder if the Piece of card smeared with Vaseline would work to get rid of them..? Basically take a large bit of card smear it all over with Vaseline...hold it over the blighters and when they jump they stick to the can use the card over and over. As I eat my sage I would not use chemicals.

10 Nov, 2011


..or try yellow sticky flypaper, available from garden centres. I have heard that you can vacuum them up too. Hold the nozzle above the plant and tap it to make the flies jump up.

11 Nov, 2011


I will have a go with the sticky card first - it almost sounds like a fun thing to do. I'll let you know how it works. Failing that, the hoover test comes next. Thanks everyone.

11 Nov, 2011

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