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algarve, Portugal Pt

Does somebody know the name of this small bush, about a meter wide, half a meter high. Thanks

Photo0046_001 Photo0048



It reminds me of Spiraea

10 Nov, 2011


I see what you mean Kilder but my spirea flowers are different more like tiny cow parsley

10 Nov, 2011


Leaves aren't right for spirea ... how about a caryopteris (spelling??) which has the little blue flowers on similar leaves at this time of year - finishing here but may be lasting longer in portugal??

10 Nov, 2011


Spiraea/Spirea snowmound has those leaves but flowers are different - the flowers in the pic looks like Jasmine - it could be Winter Jasmine.

10 Nov, 2011


Thought winter jasmine had yellow flowers?! Could be wrong of course. The two photos seem to be of different plants. Does the question relate to two different plants? Going with the second photo, caryopteris still comes to mind. Does it shed it's leaves in the winter and flower late in the summer?

11 Nov, 2011


Caryopteris is Bluebeard, and this doesn't look like any species of that that I know of. I was thinking of a white form of Mexican "Heather" (Cuphea hyssopifolia).

14 Nov, 2011


Looks just like google pictures, Tugbrethil - I think you got this one right

17 Nov, 2011


I got one of these from a neighbor and ended up getting rid of it because it is so invasive here. I never knew what it was, just that I didn't want it.

25 Nov, 2011


Proof of your friendly climate, Wylie! They keep complaining about the summer heat, the winter frost, the bad soil, the low humidity, the salty water, etc., etc., here in the desert. Wish I had enough land to grow a few generations from seed, here, since it seems to be one of those plants just on the edge of doing well in the desert.

26 Nov, 2011

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