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it was weedol and about late aug/sept time.



Appleblossom. you need to comment in the box under your first question, as this connects with it. Then members will see it and be able to help you more.

10 Nov, 2011


Spritzhenry is right - I remember the original question, luckily, but it would have been much easier all round if you'd added this as a response under your question - you do that by going down to the last answer you got and clicking in the empty box below and typing in there, as if you're answering your own question. So if you need to say something else here, please add it below.
If the Weedol you used was Weedol 2, it won't be any problem. If the one you used was Weedol Max, I'm having difficulty finding out from the label whether that remains in the soil or not, so a call to the company who make it might be in order to make sure its okay.

10 Nov, 2011


That is a good Idea to call the company their number can be found here

11 Nov, 2011


sorry i got it
wrong! still learning but thanks for help anyway.

12 Nov, 2011

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