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By N3tyy

Lancashire, England Eng

I forgot about this.... Can anyone advise me what went wrong?? It had been beautiful for the last ten years or so, healthy with lovely white 'flowers' I did think someone had poured something on it due to the 'stuff' dripping down the trunk???

Img_0096 Img_0097



I think last years winter has caught up with it. It will send out off shoots in it's own time.

11 Nov, 2011


This looks like a poorly Cordyline N3tty. It probably suffered from the freezing weather we had last winter like tens of thousands of them all over the UK. The "stuff" dripping off it suggests that at least part of it is rotting.

I'm not quite sure what to suggest you should do as we're just going into winter. If you asked this question last spring or summer we'd have advised you to saw off the rotten bits and wait for it to regrow new shoots during the summer. If you do that now I think it will provoke it to try to regrow now - at just the wrong time.

At least it looks as though one branch is OK now as it still has leaves on.

11 Nov, 2011


Yep, damage from last winter - as long as it doesn't stink or is very smelly, wait till spring and see what the damage is again from this winter coming - you may need to cut it right down if more 'bleeding' occurs.

11 Nov, 2011


Thank you Pimpernel and Beattie. Very poorly!! Will just have to wait and see if it comes back. Didn't consider the weather as it has been through a couple of rough winters. Will keep you posted.

11 Nov, 2011


Thanks Bamboo. No smell as yet, so will wait but have considered cutting down. Might not make another winter !!!

11 Nov, 2011


the same thing happened to mine last year, i cut it dowd to a couple of feet intending to dig it out ,i did'nt get round to doing that ,now its got four shoots coming up round the base ,

12 Nov, 2011


But if you hold off cutting it down, you may get shoots up the trunk, giving you that Palm shape again...Just wait.

12 Nov, 2011


Will do Pimpernel. Thanks

Excellent Beegee - hope there then :o)

14 Nov, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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