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millipede centiped or what

Lanarkshire, Scotland Sco

if required I can take a photo of one of them at weekend,still the question.---- When I lift pots in the garden or move things that have been in the one place for while then regularly underneath there is an orange coloured centiped type creature, are they harmless in the garden or should i be doing something about them.



It may be spotted millipedes. They are carniverous and useful to have around. It's the black millipede that does all the harm.

23 Mar, 2009


Ewwww, I hope I don't get any of those black things then Doctorbob1! What damage do they do then, eat the young shoots presumably? Or do they lay eggs and the grub eat the shoots? Thanks!

23 Mar, 2009


these are a most definate orange colour I will get a photo at the weekend see if it helps

23 Mar, 2009


Black millipedes are very slow and easy to catch. Feed them to the birds on the bird table. They eat into roots like vine weevil. they eat through corms, I have had them destroy Cyclamens.

23 Mar, 2009


If they're flattish and move fast then chances are they're Centipedes. These are good and carniverous.

If they're slow and curl up like a cumberland sausage then they're Millipedes. These eat rotting vegetable matter and roots but have never caused me any problems and we have hundreds of them.

23 Mar, 2009


yep I think Rydeboyz has got em , they are orange flattish and move fast

24 Mar, 2009


Some pictures and information:



24 Mar, 2009


The orange millipede is smaller than the centipede and of course has more legs. I have seen all of these over the years. Not to confuse the issue wire worms are much smaller and brown and they eat everything in their path.

24 Mar, 2009

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