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I’m getting married at the beginning of July and am aiming to make it as DIY-a-wedding as possible. (Our lack of funds is fortunately compensated by a number of enthusiastic friends). I’m hoping to send out seeds/bulbs to friends in the new year and would be grateful for any suggestions of colourful and easy to grow flowers which would be in bloom at the beginning of July.



Difficult one - you can never be certain whether plants will flower a month early or a month late. There are some annuals you could grow specially, though you'd need a fair bit of ground space to produce enough for flowers for, say, tables, etc, such as Clarkia, Gypsophilia, Calendula, Cosmos, Molucella, Nigella. Lilies might or might not be in flower at the time, they're usually a bit later in July.

12 Nov, 2011


do you have a friend with a greenhouse who could grow them on for you? but as Bamboo says its difficult tho guarantee anything

12 Nov, 2011


Thank you- I'm hoping to track down someone with greenhouse space to make sure we have something at least. Really like all your suggestions, Bamboo, but particularly Clarkia and Calendula. I'm hoping that if we send out enough variety of seeds we'll have something in bloom around the time of the wedding. Cross fingers...! Thank you both of you for your help.

13 Nov, 2011


Irises might be a possibility

13 Nov, 2011


Clarkia definitely will be...

13 Nov, 2011

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