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I have loads of "mushrooms" (fungi) growing in my lawn. How do I get rid of them.



You can't, they're just the fruiting bodies of mycelium present in the turf - they'll pass on their own as soon as conditions become unfavourable. If you really don't like them, put a plastic bag over your hand and twist them off, containing them in the bag in case they're the type that spread by spore distribution from the gills.

12 Nov, 2011


I previously answered a question that someone posted about toadstools in their lawn, and I think the answer is the same:

As far as I'm aware there are no fungicides available in the UK that are effective against fungi. However, since they are not damaging to the turf, and are part of a natural and temporary process and even beneficial for your lawn there is no need to treat them. In fact it's a sign of a healthy lawn.

Breaking the stems by brushing them will cause them to dry out and disappear, they are composed mainly of water.

They are not damaging to the turf and are a temporary problem.

As regards to mushrooms, if you are 100% sure that they are edible then harvest them while you can and be thankful for the unexpected crop :o)

12 Nov, 2011


Thank you for your help. As long as they are not damaging the lawn I will leave them to go away on their own when the conditions are right.

12 Nov, 2011


I find them fascinating and am delighted by the different types that emerge. We had puffballs this year and wow! they are like something out of a sci-fi film.

12 Nov, 2011


we get puffballs in the horse field,they are so good to eat,slice and fry in butter or bacon fat, food for free

13 Nov, 2011


But make sure you know the difference between puffballs and earth balls - it is the giant puffball that is so nice to eat. (can be as big as a football!) Merlin & Jenfren you are so lucky to get them locally - I have only ever found them twice.

Re mushrooms, there are some that look exactly like shop mushrooms, with a ring and pink gills, but with one important difference - if you bruise them they stain bright yellow. Others look very similar but have white gills. These you must not eat! General rule for mushrooms is when in doubt don't.

13 Nov, 2011

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