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When to sow Myosotis


By Rabihh

Lebanon Lb

Hi there, when is the best time to sow Myosotis flowers?

On plant Myosotis



Just looked this up 'cause I wasn't sure. Sow Forget-me-not seeds outdoors in early Summer. Will grow in most well-drained soils in sun or preferably light shade.

12 Apr, 2008


Last summer I grew several tray-fulls in the greenhouse first then into the coldframe after pricking out as I didn't have space in the garden soil. They thrived and I planted them out when they were big enough. They have all produced flowers well. I had so many that several neighbours got some! It was a mixed colour seed packet; it seems odd to see white and pink flowers as well as the usual lovely blue ones!

13 Apr, 2008

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