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Dicksonia Antarctica is being a host, but to what???

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

I know I asked this question yesterday, but it appears to have been missed as everyone seemed to be asking questions last night!! Please help, I need to know whether I have an extra bargain or a weed. I bought a 5ft Dicksonia antarctica for the bargain price of £80 today, however it does not appear to be the only plant growing in the pot. There is a 3ft plant growing by the root of the tree fern which looks very much like a Callistemon (Bottle brush), but the foliage in parts also looks like an Acacia. Can someone please identify this plant for me. I have an extra photo of it on my profile pictures. Many thanks




Be nice to know what it is. It does look a bit like a bottle brush from this pic and your other one. But not 100%.
Great bargin by the way.

23 Mar, 2009


We had a load of Tree Ferns in last year at work and most of them had Mimosa like plants growing out of the trunk. I tried potting one up but it just shrivelled up.

23 Mar, 2009


Andrea, I should have commented - sorry. I did see it but as I didn't know what it was, I didn't. Still don't, except for the Callistemon idea - from the leaves. Can you pot it up?

23 Mar, 2009


Hello there!~

I suspect you are from the other side of the world, maybe England. The land my parents came from. Okay, I am a Horticulturist and I have lived in Australia all my life.

I am surrounded by thousands of those tree ferns myself(yes you have named correctly...Dicksonia antartica) . I even have some eight foot ones growing in my fernery here. I walk under them to my front door..

The additional mystery plant you have is is an Acacia. I have seen hundrends of different species of Callistemons and Acacias. The one in the picture also appears to be eaten by something. Acacias are grown so cheaply here they are not of much value here (5 to 8 dollars) However over there they may have more value.

To save may have to cut off the top of your Tree fern..and replant the fern a foot in the ground and keep moist..(or pot). This will not harm the tree fern. In fact this is how they are sold over here...chopped off at from the top!

The Acacia will not live through a transplant. They are sensitive to re-planting and will almost certainly not recover. So therefore if you choose to keep will have to do as I have mentioned with the tree fern and leave the Acacia in the pot!

Feel free to e-mail me further questions regarding this if you choose.


24 Mar, 2009


Acacias are pretty cheap here too and tree ferns are very expensive. I will keep the tree fern and get rid of the acacia. Many thanks to all for your help xx. I am planning to plant the tree fern in the ground and I will separate the acacia than. It is too nice to chop off the top and you will pay a lot of money for them in the UK, it has several little fronds in the top waiting to unfurl, I can't wait, I have a ski hat on hand in case of a frost!!! It will look great with a pom -pom.

24 Mar, 2009


Ha ha - tree fern with a woolly hat LOL

24 Mar, 2009

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