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I had Lilium Pyrenaicum in my garden for the last 40 years. The last two bad winters seem to have killed them off. Where can I purchase them, I miss them and they came from my mother and grandmother.
I seem to have one bulb which does not flower, i have it now in a pot and keep hoping.

On plant Lilium pyrenaicum



Hi Jenny and welcome to Goy, please go in and edit your question and remove your e-mail address... not a good idea to show! You can buy seed of Lilium Pyrenaicum from Chiltern Seeds, this is not the time of year to buy bulbs. I am surprised you have lost yours given where they grow naturally and that they do very well for us in northern Scotland.

Make a note to yourself to send me a PM in July next year and we can probably send you some bulbs.

The one you have in a pot which is not flowering, do you unpot and repot in fresh compost each year, are you using the right mix and where are you keeping the pot?

13 Nov, 2011


You are wonderful they always grew naturally in the garden, never had any problems as we have always dug in compost on a regular basis. Its been a standing joke that our garden at the back is about 2" above our neighbours because of the fact we have always had a compost heap and dig it in.

I have many old fashioned plants which seem happy in their environment. Yes the bulb that I have is in very good compost, purchased from a market garden. though our garden is small, I have two apple trees, 2 plums, a pear, a cherry and grow red, white and black currents, plus gooseberries. My daughter and her partner are moving in one road away, and have already indicated they want some of the hearts ease, and what we call dutchmans trousers (pink). Its an old fashioned garden and I always have bumble bees, and other types of bees which I encourage as I grow lavender and other plants that they like. Just an old fashioned gardener pottering around, relax as I have a stressful life, and the Lily's were treasured.

13 Nov, 2011


I forgot to say the bulb that I have has greenery on it and seems to be ignoring the fact that winter is coming, but then most of the plants are currently confused.

13 Nov, 2011


Thanks for the question JS, I found this interesting as in 1999 I was given a pot of them, I repotted every year and had a lovely mid summer show. But in 2009 they failed to show at all. I put this down to old age but perhaps if I had planted them in the garden I might still have some?

13 Nov, 2011


Drc they definitely prefer to be in the garden rather than a pot and if you had in a pot for 10 years unless you regularly unpotted and repotted with new compost they will have starved.

Jenny just remember to make that note!

13 Nov, 2011


Last June I posted a picture of a clump of our L. pyrenaicum. The original bulb had been growing happily in the garden for many years and then its flower power started to reduce. I dug up the bulb(s) a couple of years ago and the mat that I lifted filled the wheelbarrow! Solid. This was divided up and bulbs were distributed far and wide around Scotland, including the ones in the picture.

13 Nov, 2011


Well I would just take up MG's kind offer Jenny and if I were you Drc726 I would give her a nudge as well...Lol ;0)

13 Nov, 2011


MG I would love to have a few bulbs, but believe it or not the one in the pot looks healthier though about to die off because winter is coming. How do i let you know who I am, although my e-mail is out on the net as I do a lot of advice work etc.

so Thanks if you can help me. Did not have time to come back more quickly as have been on a NHS Training first at Darlington, then Taunton and then did a Finance course in London. Life for me is very busy despite being born before the second world war.

I love the photo's. By the way my mother was called Lily after her Aunts best friend who was Lily Langtree. Part of the family was into horse racing etc. My side were not, in fact we looked upon it as a very dodgy activity. Such are families....

11 Dec, 2011


Just send me a PM with your details next summer. Click on my avatar and you will see that option.

11 Dec, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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