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I have a large Snow Ball Shrub and it has got quite tall also sends up new shoots from the roots, would it hurt if I cut it right back and also chopped the root system back too, I don't want to damage it, this is it in May 2010.




Ladyessex, you can hard prune your Viburnum, it is best to wait until January when it is dormant. Also root prune on the north side, first cut out large branches making new head lower down the shrub, leave the rest alone even if some pieces are higher than others. Root prune about one quarter of the roots on the north side, cut main root back towards the base of the shrub, fill in firmly with the same soil you take out. Feed with Blood, Fish and Bone in March. You may need to take off the new growth from the bottom as it is the rootstock.

13 Nov, 2011


Hello doctorbob - great advice, but I have a question - hope not too obvious a question but why root prune only on north side?

13 Nov, 2011


Not an obvious question at all. Having hard pruned the top of the shrub you should not interfere with the main feeding roots on the south side. This advice is an overall rule for root pruning trees and shrubs.

13 Nov, 2011


Thanks for the info all, I will wait til January but if there is snow about could I leave it till later. :o)

14 Nov, 2011


Yes Ladyessex, any time between January and March as the weather permits.

15 Nov, 2011


Right! Thanks Again x

15 Nov, 2011

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