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By Lujean

WA, United States Us

How do I keep cats out of my garden they are not mine. Hello I just put in raised bed and they have found it and made it their dumping ground OH my gosh HELP



if u look at my blog Lujean I have raised beds I use the plastic netting used by road workers and lay it over the bed until plants have established , cloches work well for me but not sure if u would use them also if it's particular spaces they are using then push a number of sticks into the ground standing up in all directions or small bits of netting , if you can make it awkward for the cats they will move elsewhere.

24 Mar, 2009


Check out my pics, I have used a criss cross of string stapled across my raised bed and our 3 cats don't go on there. Perfect!

24 Mar, 2009


Lugean - there is a very effective product available here in the UK called 'Scoot'. It is organic, so safe around veggies. It is a powder you mix with water and water it on using a watering can. You can also use sticks and twigs pushed into the ground to deter cats. Good luck with it.

24 Mar, 2009

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