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Sweet Peas

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Is it too early to plant out sweet peas? Any tips for what to use for them to climb up?



I have just planted mine out today here in Surrey.
Use Hazel twigs to support them, you may be able to buy pea sticks in your area.

24 Mar, 2009


I put mine out last weekend, I use garden canes to make a wig-wam, this is usually sufficient to support them, they have little 'feeler' type thingys which curl around the canes to self support too, I just tuck in any stragglers to keep the wig-wam neat and tidy.

24 Mar, 2009


You can plant them out now, but only if you've hardened them off sufficiently! Don't bring them out of the house or greenhouse and stick them straight out in the ground or they'll die of fright LOL. Harden them off first by putting them out in a sheltered spot and bring them back in if it gets really cold. Do this for a couple of weeks. I grow mine up wigwams made from Buddleja stems - recycling!!

24 Mar, 2009

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