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Has anyone grown "Tomberries" the tiny little tomatoes ?




I'm not sure if they're 'tomberries', Pimpernel, but every year I grow tomatoes of a similar size...the variety is called 'sweet' which describes them perfectly. They're really nice!

16 Nov, 2011


Thanks Karen, I will look out for those as well. These are very sweet and vary in size from garden pea to marrowfat pea size. Fairly new variety from dutch growers but they have not released packet seed to the market yet.

I have saved some seeds, I will give them a go and see if they come true.

16 Nov, 2011


Happy growing then, P - I bet they'll be lovely! :))

17 Nov, 2011


Ah Tomberries!! I grew some last year from seeds I 'squidged' out of Sainsbury's ones I bought the year before.
A HUGE success :-)) Thousands of these wonderful little jewels - AND - they taste even better!!

Quick tip: Dry them on kitchen paper for a few days then just tear up the paper put onto the compost and cover. This means, if you don't have any seeds, keep an eye out in the supermarket. It wont be too late to sow them and they will germinate within a fortnight and you'll still get a bumper crop.

16 Mar, 2012


Thanks Misfitz7

Welcome to GoY :))

16 Mar, 2012


Does anyone know if you should side shoot a Tomberry or not. I do not side shoot Cherry tomatoes, so I would think of treating them the same ??

4 Jul, 2012


Mine didn't take Annie...Due to my neglect I might add. They are suposed to be a large plant though, so I would have thought to treat them as normal Tomato plant.

4 Jul, 2012


I'm growing them. I didn't sow until very late though! They germinated well from saved seed. I have three in a growbag in my conservatory, and three outside in tubs.

The outdoor ones are more compact, than the indoor, but I'd say they're the size and vigour of Gardemer's Delight I am also growing.

They appear to be cordon types so that's how I'm treating them. All set are just at the first truss stage, so I'm not sure how much fruit I can realistically expect this season. I'm encouraged by the apparent success though, and I will try again next year.

16 Aug, 2012

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