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My agapanthus is struggling i think?

London, United Kingdom Gb

Hello. I bought a very young unestablished agapanthus from a local nursery. It only just appears above the soil level, almost like bulb shoots. i've planted and cared for as per the instructions, but am concerned it hasn't developed at all in two weeks. the rest of my plants i planted at the same time seem to be thriving. Any tips?

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Patience! It's still very cold for aggies at night. If you're lucky, you will have one of the deciduous types which are quicker to return.

If you have recently purchased the plant it will pay you to dig up your plant and bring it under glass for about six weeks to give it a head start for when you replant it. Main thing to check is that you don't have black, sodden, mushy roots. They should be white and firm.

24 Mar, 2009


We can only keep them alive in pots, which are kept in the Greenhouse over winter. So, any planted out in the soil are going to be very slow appearing. Our potted ones are only just showing slight green tips.

24 Mar, 2009


Mine in the garden are just, just showing a tiny tip of green - so don't worry.

24 Mar, 2009


My pot has been out all winter and is just showing some green shoot. As Muddywellies says,PATIENCE!!!!

25 Mar, 2009


thank you everybody. you've put my mind at rest. i will be patient. Happy gardening :-)

25 Mar, 2009


Well the common advice is that the reason they do better in pots is that to flower they like to have roots compacted and not allowed to spread (which obviously happens if you repot). So if you plant out, do so IN original pot taking out the bottom. If in a larger pot do the same to maintain root density. Worked for me.

20 May, 2009

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