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Johor, Malaysia My

Can i buy the seed and deliver to Malaysia. Just wonder if can grow here..



Hi Teckthaiyong and welcome to GoY, which particular seed are you asking about?

16 Nov, 2011


Hi Moon,
i looking for rhipsalidopsis rosea seed.
Just wonder can plant here.


17 Nov, 2011


the biggest problem is that nice plants here can become quit rogue in other countries and become ferrel so there can be some serious problems . id ask customs and excise myself as well as finding out if they will grow . you dont want to get in trouble for a few seeds .

17 Nov, 2011


But I can't imagine this one getting out of control. Its quite small, much smaller and daintier than a zygocactus, and epiphytic. They are native to the tropical jungles of S. America. Still, asking is better safe than sorry.

17 Nov, 2011


definatly sterogram and your probably right xx .

17 Nov, 2011

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