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Help! My Euphorbia "Silver Swan" has grown lanky

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

My plant is two years old and has been very healthy until last years when the mature stems grew very lanky and started to die back, I cut them down when the bract shrivelled but there is very little signs of new growth. It has regular feeds with miracle grow, is there anything I can do to save it?.It was once such a striking plant.

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It couldn't be pot-bound, could it? It's a big plant - maybe re-potting or planting it in the soil might revitalise it???

Just a thought. :-)

24 Mar, 2009


Certainly worth giving it a go I will have to move it anyway as its in one of my best pots and right in front of the patio, Thanks for that thought Spritz!

24 Mar, 2009


also make sure its not getting waterlogged or too dry..

24 Mar, 2009


Leave off the Miracle grow.

25 Mar, 2009


Yes definately go slow on the miracle gro, it's probab;ly getting far too many nutrients,
i'd put it in the ground in a sunny, sheltered spot and hopefully it will like being able to spread it's roots, as spritz henry said it looks like it's pot bound :-)

25 Mar, 2009


Thanks to Spritz, Steve, Muddy Wellies and Perdtadural for your advice, you will be pleased to hear I am going to move my plant to a nice sunny spot in the flower bed and starve the poor thing for awhile lol What I am still unsure of is whether to cut the tall stems right back or leave them, what do you think?

26 Mar, 2009


Pansypotter, now it is y turn! My euphorbia looks like yours in the pic... I am going to plant it in the ground. Is yours looking any better?

7 Apr, 2009


Well Lourenco Its early days yet but it certainly isnt any worse, it was very pot boundand I teased and unravelled the roots and dug a nice big hole for it so its a case of waiting to see what happens next! The experience wont deyer me from trying another plant as I had 2 fabulous years from it and next time I will make sure it goes into the ground and not a pot! Good Luck with yours and I will let you know how it gets on.

7 Apr, 2009


Good luck for us then! I ope to hear good news from you soon!

7 Apr, 2009

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