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Tuberous Begonias
I have some still flowering in the garden and would like to keep them for next year, I would welcome any tips please. I tried to overwinter some last year but they failed.



They need to dry out thoroughly,Anita..and stored somewhere frost free over winter..then you can pot them up again in March/April..leaving the top ( where there is a hollow) uncovered..They will need some warmth,or a heated propogator to start them off again..

16 Nov, 2011


Where is the best place to dry them? I put them in a shed last year but they rotted.

16 Nov, 2011


I did that with my first ones,Anita,and the same happened to mine..I think the atmosphere was a bit damp in there..I kept the 2nd lot on a shelf in a paper bags..and just kept a check on them..replacing the bags occasionally..they were fine.I am sure you will get some other successful methods from other members,but this worked for me..good luck..

16 Nov, 2011


I just put them in an empty seed tray in a shed. Check them from time to time to remove the dropped-off stems and leaves and to make sure nothing's eating them.

16 Nov, 2011


Ok thanks for the advice.

17 Nov, 2011

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