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how far apart should bermuda grass plants be



If you are plugging Bermudagrass, the normal distance is one 2" (5 cm) wide plug every 12" (30 cm). That normally gives you an established lawn in 2-3 months of warm to hot weather. I wouldn't try to plug it if the night temperatures are less than 65º F (18º C), though. Some of the dwarfer hybrids, such as 'PD 102' will give better results if the plugs are only 6" (15 cm) apart.

16 Nov, 2011


Thank you for your answer, I can now tell the guy in the morning who is planting that he forgot to bring the total amount of plants as the ones planted so far must be around 11/2 to 2 metres apart.
Appreciate your responding

17 Nov, 2011


Lawsy! That will eventually make a lawn, but it could take a year or more! As I said, unless Algarve has an exceptionally tropical climate, I wouldn't be planting it this time of year, anyway.

19 Nov, 2011

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