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which type of magnolia will grow to 3 - 4m

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I am trying to decide whether to get a magnolia stellata which i love, but would like something which would grow quickly and to 3 - 4 m. I've read about Magnolia Salicifolia and Magnolia Loebneri 'merrill' but wondered if anyone had one, and could i keep it in check when it did get too big? thank you

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get a magnolia stellata slow to grow but worth the wait

24 Mar, 2009


All three have similar flower shapes, and are scented. However, the Magnolia salicifolia will reach 15m so it might be too big for you! It is very light and delicate, mind you. Google it.
Again, the Merrill will reach 8m high, so too big for you? and slow growing (20 - 50 years as against the Stellata's 10 - 20 years!)

15 Apr, 2009


I have a george henry kern, which is a dwarf, that one grows to about 9 feet i think, mines been in 3 yrs now and is doing very well, up to about 5 feet.

17 May, 2009

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