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I have a fallen Monstera deliciosa, well i think that is what it is. It has a long trunk that has now bent and split with the weight of new growth and lots of fruit.

What can I do to save this beautiful plant



You haven't said where you are in the world, and where this plant is growing - if you're in the UK, where the common name is Swiss Cheese Plant, and it has fruit, I'm assuming its in a warm greenhouse or a warm conservatory, since fruit is rarely produced here when its kept as a houseplant.
These plants produce lots of aerial roots which cling to neighbouring plants and structures, and it's these which help support the plant in the wild when it gets large. What have you been doing with the aerial roots where you are, or at least, does it have a chance to support itself in this way?

17 Nov, 2011


you can probably just help it with support and leave it as is especialy as it is seamingly quit happy apart from the fall . if ou try to move it back your in danger of killing it right of . im know good at latin names and im presuming this is a tree if not you may be able to cut it back . im sure someone like docterbob or bamboowill help you if you ask them directly . take care bye for now .

17 Nov, 2011


Thank you kindly for your responses. I am from South Australia and we are expecting extreme heat hear today.
I have a small area that receives morning sun only and it is my little oasis and with 2 kelpies I have little grass due to our high temperatures and water restrictions.

thanks again


17 Nov, 2011


your more than welcome

18 Nov, 2011

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