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help needed with Aeonium


By Mageth

sussex, United Kingdom Gb

someone either feline or small child, knocked over my Aeonium arboreum last summer and broke off one of the two rosettes. Its been indoors all winter but hasnt put out any new stems but is getting taller. Does anyone know how to get it to grow more stems?




I don't know how to get more stems, but if you insert the broken off one into some gritty compost, I'm pretty sure you'll have another plant!

24 Mar, 2009


Thanks Sid. I did try to root the broken stem but it rotted at the base. Maybe I will just tie it to a support and see how tall I can grow it!

24 Mar, 2009


That's a pity.....good luck with your tallest-potplant-in-the-world record attempt! lol

24 Mar, 2009


You could try making a cut in the outside skin of the trunk just above where you want a new bud to form. Dont go right round the trunk but just about a sixth of the distance. I expect you planted the old broken trunk straight away , but with these succulents it is best to leave them to dry for a day or two before putting them into rooting material..

24 Mar, 2009


I agree with Poaannua - I've tried this several times, and it often - but not always - works.

25 Mar, 2009


thanks everyone, I will give this a go. I bought the plant when on holiday in Cornwall so its got sentimental value.

25 Mar, 2009


I cut the top off of mine and it rooted, allowing the original stem to send out 6 or 7 new shoots. However in the unheated greenhouse it has been living in the new shoots suffered from grey mould.
Not to be beaten though, I have kept it and I have fingers crossed that it might pull through.

My green aeonium different story, really did not like the cold at all. He has about a week to buck up before he visits the compost heap in the sky.

25 Mar, 2009


I will give Poaannua's suggestion a go, and if that fails then treesanthings I will go for the chop. What a great site GOY is!

26 Mar, 2009


Ive tried Poannuas suggestion and Im sure there is a bulge appearing on the opposite side, is this right?

18 Apr, 2009

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