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Can anyone identify this fungus growing in my garden




I think it maybe - Lepiota Procera Parasol mushroom/fungus.
By the way, you took a nice picture of it, nice to crop the picture and hang it in your kitchen on the wall. LOL

18 Nov, 2011


I would agree that it looks like a parasol mushroom - but you would need to check the underside to be certain.

18 Nov, 2011


I'm pretty sure its Lepiota rhacodes, the shaggy parasol, though they don't normally have brown stems

It is absolutely delicious, but can cause digestive upsets in the unfortunate few. We have made soup with it with no problems - its like field mushroom but with a more intense flavour, and one makes enough soup for two.

The best lepiota, which upsets nobody as far as I know is the very similar and taller but slightly less shaggy lepiota procera, but judging by the areas of chestnut on the cap I'm confident yours is the shaggy one. I would risk it!

The test for both these is the double ring on the stem (just below the cap) , which it is possible to move up and down the stem, whereas in other mushrooms it is always firmly attached and quickly disappears anyway. . There are rather similar inedible lepiotas but they smell unpleasant , whereas the two parasols smell nice an mushroomy. You can be confident of your identification if you follow all these checks.

NEVER eat a large white mushroom that grows from a sort of little bag at the base of the stem.

18 Nov, 2011

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