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after pruning is it wise to protect the graft over winter



Hi Tommy and welcome to GoY. This sounds remarkably like an exam or test question to me.

18 Nov, 2011


What are you doing exactly? Pruning and grafting are different.

18 Nov, 2011


The question is incomplete ...

18 Nov, 2011


It also depends on what you are pruning ... trees and such at this time of year don't need the wound to be sealed as sap is dropping not rising. It is better for the tree to heal itself. If, however, you have taken the centre out of a tree, without being able to leave a shoot to pull the sap up in the spring, then I would recommend sealing to stop the centre from rotting out and eventually killing the tree or causing it to split in the middle. Grafting onto a pruned tree usually happens in very early spring just before or as the sap starts rising, so that the grafting seals well. Don't know about doing it at this time of year.

18 Nov, 2011


Hmm, well what I'm understanding from the question is, if I prune branches on something that is grafted, do I then need to protect the graft. No, you don't, is the answer - you shouldn't be cutting beyond the graft point anyway. The graft is the graft - pruning is carried out on branches growing above the graft union.

19 Nov, 2011


Just don't see how anyone can come to any conclusions from this half baked question ..

19 Nov, 2011


Well I reckon we get at least eight out of ten for effort anyway. And Tommy hasn't acknowledged any of it.

21 Nov, 2011

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