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Worms on Lawns ? Padua

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Worms Casts on Lawns ? Padua



Hi Ken and welcome to GoY usual method of dealing with worm casts on a lawn is to brush them across the grass they then simply vanish. Never heard of Padua Treatment and Google doesn't appear to have either.

18 Nov, 2011


Totally agree MG, worms are your lawns best friend, they aeriate the lawn and produce the very best manure.

18 Nov, 2011


Is this a wind up ? St Anthony of Padua was known to wear 'Lawn' vestments and spoke about sins not being 'Cast' out.

18 Nov, 2011


Lol Drc...

18 Nov, 2011


I only clicked on this to see what the Padua bit referred to... not clear, seems to be a random word inserted in the question. Can you explain what that means please Ken Johnson?
As for the casts, there is no treatment for these other than what MG suggests above - if they're wet, scrape them off with a trowel if you really hate them, but they're very, very good for your lawn, despite being unsightly. Won't be a problem once the weather gets cold, no more worm casts until spring.

19 Nov, 2011

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