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By Ricky

antrim, United Kingdom Gb

hi all got a new batch of raspberry canes and i was wondering what was best to put to the roots when i plant them i have fish blood and bone and potato fertiliser NPK or is it best to put this around them when i have them in many thanks ricky



Hello Ricky ... raspberries were, originally, woodland plants. Cultivated versions need more light, but still respond to the slightly acid base of woodland soil. Don't use fish blood bone at this time of year, which has more nitrogen base in it. A bit of plain bonemeal in the base of each hole is all you need to set the roots, followed by something in the spring (for both spring/autumn raspberries) such as top rose which contains lots of minerals and the essential potassium for flowers and fruits. Feed weekly once in flower/fruit.

18 Nov, 2011


Personally we prepare a trench with compost or well rotted manure to bed the canes into.

18 Nov, 2011

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