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hello , fellow gardeners , i wish to know if any of you could advise why the agapanthus flowers in my garden in Coffs Harbour , planted 15 months ago , are changing from deep blue . to white this year , hoping to solve this mystery , thank you , lyn .s ,</p>thanks for your input everyone, these were mature plants ,transplanted from a friends garden, and were all blue , now half are white , plants are lush , with abundant flowers , Hello , and thank you for the replies ,if the flowers look pale blue , it would the light , they are really white , i like the suggestion about the fertiliser, which i definitely will try , asap , thanks again , and happy gardening ,




This happens sometimes with roses and lilies - usually, the cause is a new hybrid of something, which then reverts to whatever it was bred from - its as if the new genetic information doesn't hold... Are yours new hybrids, or varieties? Or old, well known ones?

19 Nov, 2011


Hello amjsj! Is is possible your agapanthus has a virus which can cause colour distortion in the flower? Are the flowers totally white or did they start blue but now have stripes of white in them? If the latter, then I believe this is a virus, and your only resort is to replace the plants. As bamboo suggests the age of the plants may be important, and the older the plant the more likely it is to be a virus. Sorry. Hope this helps.

19 Nov, 2011


Also, did you plant a few white ones with the blue, and/or let seed set. Most white forms of Agapanthus are more vigorous than the blue ones, and will eventually out-compete them.

19 Nov, 2011


Whatever they are quite lovely, I have a very small clump that only increases by one extra flower every year!!

23 Nov, 2011


I agree! Beautiful Agapanthus! I notice that they aren't so much white as light blue. What have you been feeding them? I prefer a formula with 3-1-2 proportions, and the extra potash helps encourage deeper color. If it is in extremely sandy soil, it may also be missing aluminum, which also encourages the blue color. If so, try scratching in some generic brand, untreated kitty litter to provide aluminosilicates--it will also reduce your watering needs.

24 Nov, 2011


Thank you tugbrethil - your response to the above has made me realise what my blue hudrangeas need next spring/summer ... aluminium sulphate! Thank you so much. In case you don't pick up this message I will broadcast ...

24 Nov, 2011

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