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Hi, I have two dicksonia antartica, had them for about 6 yrs. without a problem. but last year one didn't get any ferns on at all, and the other only had three feeble one's. This spring my husband cut them both down about 3-4 inches from the top and both began to weep. has he killed them or is there any hope for them? regards Joan



Had you protected the crown last year during that awful winter ?

19 Nov, 2011


They're goners - bin 'em. Sorry to confirm your suspicions, but if there's been no growth and huge loss of fluid, not worth keeping any longer.

19 Nov, 2011


Bamboo's right, there dead. I have known someone who drilled some of the trunk out and put a fern (in a pot) inside, looks great.

19 Nov, 2011


That would be a good save YDD..Cutting the crown off definitely killed it off.

19 Nov, 2011

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