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I have 2 Climbing Roses - when is the best time to prune them please ?
From : Pauline Lewis of North London.



Hello! I have always pruned all roses in February/march just as the new buds are forming and sap is rising, cutting cleanly just above an shoot. They look a bit straggly in the winter. Many people prefer to cut them down in the autumn, but I found I had more die back that way. Others may advise you differently. If you choose to wait until early spring, and if your climber is top heavy, I would cut the top off enough to stop any gales ripping it and/or its frame.

20 Nov, 2011


I just watched Carol Kline on a recorded G.W tidying hers up, I think it was last month, she chose four long green pieces to tie in as they are what will flower next year and she trimmed off the old stuff, so as long as you dont cut the new growth it shouldn't really matter as the old wont flower anyway!! she said next spring you could trim the ends of the new growth to help them produce new growth from them.

This isnt the pauline lewis that photographed my little chihuahua is it???

20 Nov, 2011

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