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We have two rather large fatsia plants and both have thrown up like coliflower heads never seen this before are they alright and what should I do with them cut them off or leave them




That is their flowers and that is how they should be - usually harsh weather - frost ruins them and the flowers turn black, Due to the mild weather its been a great time for the flowers so enjoy them while they last.
Mine are just the same but when the cold and frost gets to them I just remove the black bits. Mine are mature and have never been protected over the 12-13 winters I have had them but I live in the SE.

20 Nov, 2011


Yes enjoy the flowers before the frost gets them ,my own are covered in flowers for the first time in a few years as it is unusually mild here and the frost hasn't hit yet.I'm in east central scotland and the the fatsia's have come through a good few severe winters without protection.

20 Nov, 2011


mine are the same . i just dont understand why a plant would have flowers when theoreticly most if not all the insects are gone unless its just the change of country and inviroment that does this .

21 Nov, 2011

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