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Hello what should i do with some ornamental poppies which are in full leaf ? should they be cut back for the winter or left until spring ? i pruned them back to the ground after flowering but theyve grown quite big due to the mild weather in fact i had a second flower in september theve lasted many years and i dont want to lose them,any ideas ?




Leave 'em alone - they'll die back to the ground over winter and you can remove the dead growth when that happens, either during winter or in spring.

21 Nov, 2011


mine always put new leaves out now. in a mild winter they give the plant an early start in the spring. if harsh thse leaves die and new ones grow in spring. just leave them to it.

21 Nov, 2011


thanks very much for that,i usually do but the growth this year is so abundant it kind of threw me but i will leave them alone,cheers

21 Nov, 2011


This has a lot of inetrest for me as I cut mine back, will they come back next year?

24 Nov, 2011


Should do Kate40 - on the subject of cutting stuff down, after 30 years of gardening, I've concluded I am not in favour of it in the autumn unless a plant is diseased, or has completely dead topgrowth by October. Old gardening advice was to clean up the garden and leave nothing above ground that was perennial in order to reduce pests and diseases, and for the sake of tidiness and neatness - in fact, mostly what it does is reduce available foraging for birds, hedgehogs etc, not to mention leaving crowns of plants totally exposed to winter temperatures without their natural 'crown' of dead growth.

24 Nov, 2011

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