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I have a peony tree which I have kept in a pot for about 5 years now, and as usual as the colder weather arrives I have put it in the greenhouse to overwinter. This year it has begun to sprout already and I have just noticed today there are flower buds appearing, and I'm really worried about it. Should I leave it, or cut back the growth, I'm worried about next years flowers now, as I'd hate to miss out, as it's taken so long to get to the size it is, having been grown from seed by my husband, what should I do? I'm in the south east of England, if that makes any difference, many thanks, Sue J.



You might have been better off leaving it outside until the real cold weather arrived - moving it to the greenhouse means the temperature around the plant was even higher, so it thinks its spring. Crrently its not been cold enough to worry about non hardy plants. Chilly, yes, cold, no - the impatiens are still flowering in a garden next door to me here in West London.
Not much you can do about it now I'm afraid, you can't stop the flowering process if its started. If the flowers come to fruition, enjoy them while they're present is the best advice I can give, even if that's in 3 weeks...

21 Nov, 2011


Tree peonies are tough as old boots and shouldn't need to be taken into a greenhouse to overwinter. Worst that can happen is the top growth will get killed off and it will grow from the base again.

21 Nov, 2011


Well I've had mine for the three years I've been here, in a pot, and just left it outside over the winter. It hasn't died, but neither has it grown much. I've planted in the garden now and hope for bigger and better next year.

21 Nov, 2011


It will appreciate being in the ground Ginellie

21 Nov, 2011


Good news Moongrower, thank you.

21 Nov, 2011


Thumb up!

21 Nov, 2011


Many thanks guys, I shall enjoy the blooms if I get any, but at least I can relax knowing my precious peony tree will survive!
Your reassurance is much appreceiated.

22 Nov, 2011

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