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I have a small bushy tree - more like a big bush which has elongated dark green leaves and has flowers simiar to small bunches of lily of the valley. It has small round yellow fruit which ripens to straberry red and the skin is rough - sort of pimpled. the ripened fruit is the size of a large glass marble. Would like to know what it is and if fruit is edible, Thank you. M.Whitley



a photo of it would realy help nikolina x .

21 Nov, 2011


The strawberry tree, Arbutus springs to mind.

The fruit is edible but not nice the full Latin name is Arbutus unedo ... Unedo translates as eat only one. Like Sloes they can be made into jam, but is said to be an acquired taste.

21 Nov, 2011


I'd guess an arbutus as well

21 Nov, 2011


if you google these names mentioned and youl find out i guess . a photo would still help mind .

22 Nov, 2011


i think strawberry tree too, i used to have one.
they didnt taste very nice raw.

22 Nov, 2011


A recipe for the jam can be found here..

22 Nov, 2011

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