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Why can Sweet Peas be sown in either April or October?


By Bubble

United Kingdom Gb

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to the site and just trying to find my way around it. I'm about as good with computers as i am with gardening.. and that is not good. Could anyon please tell me why Sweet Pea packets tell you to sow in either April or October? If i sow them now will they flower this year?

Sorry i know this must be a dumb question

On plant Lathyrus odoratus (Sweet Pea)




13 Apr, 2008


im new to this site infact like you learning to use a laptop, when someone tells me what to do it goes in one ear and out the other. i dont know alot about gardening but i know enough to get me bye.if it was me i'd plant your sweet peas, after all they have two choices they either flower or they dont, i find thats the way i've learned.

13 Apr, 2008


Hi, and welcome, Sweet Peas are funny old things - you can sow them in Autumn and overwinter them and so get a head start the following year (normally you pinch out the tips to make them bushier) or you can sow them spring time and they will grow fine this year. Depends what sort of space you have - if your window sills are anything like mine its probably easier to sow them in the spring.

13 Apr, 2008


I sow mine in October but do have a greenhouse. This just mean you get an early start. If they get leggy you just trim them back which I have done twice now, this then also make them more bushy. I have been hardening mine of all week. So they come out in the morning and then go back into the greenhouse in the evening I have planted some out today but with cold weather still to come I will keep hardening them off and plant more out next week.

They best way to sow sweet peas are in root trainers or the cardboard tubes left over from finished toilet rolls. The reason for this is that sweet peas do not like to be disturb. So sown in tube and them plant out when ready. Once they start to flower keep picking them as this will extend the grown season. They are a thirsty plant and a drop of seaweed food once a week should give you the pleasure of their sweet sent well into later September.


13 Apr, 2008


I sowed some in the garden about 3 weeks ago. They are all growing now. I soaked them first as suggested on packets and in books. I'm sure this helps. Here we can't sow in Autumn outside because our winters are too cold, and I don't have much space indoors for overwintering them. I'm sure yours will do well.

13 Apr, 2008


Thanks to you all. I'll put a in photo when my marvelous Sweet Peas are in flower. Think Im really going to enjoy this site.

13 Apr, 2008


Nothing else to add to all the great advice you got from everyone, but just to say there is no such thing as a dumb question!! One of the joys of gardening is learning something new everytime you do anything with your plot.
Welcome to GOY

14 Apr, 2008


Hi sweetpea ~ Welcome to the group. Although I know computers, I sure don't know gardening and these people in here have been just wonderful. Very helpful without making you feel stupid.

14 Apr, 2008


Hi like you I'm new to gardening and GOY and have the same question as you did.
How did you do with your Sweet peas? I am still trying to decide if to start them now or wait till April.
I was looking to see if you had put a photo of them on GOY.
Hope you had a good display.

22 Sep, 2008

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