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About 3 weeks ago I moved all my fuchsias and some geraniums into the summerhouse because I was going away for several days and was worried that we might suddenly have frost. Of course that didn't happen and the ones still outside are looking much better than the ones I moved. Should I water them still or just leave them now?



As it been so mild they may well be a little on the dry side?
some water but not too much might help them.

23 Nov, 2011


I've done exactly the same thing, Ginellie, except I brought them indoors..... and the leaves are all yellowing and shrivelling now. They have had a little water. Should I expect them to turn yellow etc now? I don't know.... but will be interested in any further comments you get!

23 Nov, 2011


I'd also ventilate the room well on suitable days-- I'm doing that in the GH hoping to prevent botrytis

23 Nov, 2011

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