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How to grow Impatiens niamniamensis in Gothenburg?
I live by the sea with salty winds in Gothenburg on the west coast by the sea in Sweden (57.74326, 11.768029 and I have a 7 centimer tall Impatiens niamniamensis with 2 buds kept under a glass bowl. Do You know how i succesfully can grow it here? Is Impatiens niamniamensis happy in strong sunlight?

Please let me about Your experiences




I cannot answere your question, Carina, but those who can live right on your doorstep. Gothenberg Botanic Garden is a place that I would love to visit, and hope to do so one day. Like all botanic gardens the staff are keen to support other growers and will give you the best local advice available.

23 Nov, 2011


If you're are asking if it will survive outdoors, then no - it is frost tender I'm afraid.

23 Nov, 2011


I believe this is an evergreen perrenial tropical species not frost hardy, and will need to be brought indoors at this time - if not earlier for you! One of its cultivars is a popular hanging basket filler here. It likes filtered/dappled sunlight - strong direct light will burn it off and cause wilting.

23 Nov, 2011


Wow, I've never seen one that trails!

My plant has been moved to a warm south facing window sill, placed on a humidity tray. It is producing as many flowers as ever, plus three new side shoots have emerged from the soil too. It seems to be thriving in the low winter light levels..........

24 Nov, 2011


Many thanks to You all for rapid respons!

What temperature do You have?
Have You kept it outdoors summertime?

24 Nov, 2011


"What temperature do You have?
Have You kept it outdoors summertime?"

I'd guess that the temps in the house are now between 15 to 25 celsius..........

I kept it in a shaded spot under glass this summer as it was a cutting in the spring. I'll be able to take more cuttings next spring, at which point I'll try the older plant outdoors next summer.

I do have an Impatiens morsei outdoors at the moment which is in bloom at the moment. It even took a light frost a couple of nights ago.

24 Nov, 2011

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