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I have a demi-john with some plastic flowers in, and was interested in the GoY member who suggested Ferns.
Have bought a (pause to pick up label and magnifer)
Dryopteris filix-mas Linearis Polydactyla, which seems a small species.
Have removed the plastic flowers and now
have planted the Fern in the demi-john with a pebble base (the Goy member advised Charcoal) and some good compost.
She did mention it provides its own aerial moisture.
Shall I cover the opening at the top, or leave it open?



Open - assuming the opening is small, as in a bottle garden one.

24 Nov, 2011


The opening can be left open until the 'atmosphere' in the bottle settles, that is until the morning condensation is clearing regularly by afternoon. Then it can be sealed and left to get on with it, recycling the water daily.

24 Nov, 2011


Thank you Bamboo and Ojibway93, thats another worry over !

25 Nov, 2011

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