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easy to grow seeds for hanging baskets

england, United Kingdom Gb

hi i have a heated propagater but only have a cold window sill to grow on untill it is time to plant outside i have 5 hanging baskets and would like to try and to fill them up with my own grown plants thanks



There are a variety of plants that it is easy to grow for your hanging baskets:
Trailing lobelia
Busy Lizzie
Callibrachoa (Mini Petunias)
Black Eyed Susan (Thunbergia)
Trailing Campanula

The list is endless, personally I would not start in a heated propagator as you are likely to end up with lanky top growth. If you have a bedroom windowsill or the like to start them on then just put them in a poly bag until the seeds have germinated then remove from bag, keep moist but not overly wet, and, obviously don't let them get too cold!

27 Mar, 2009


thanks moon grower i will try trailing lobelia

28 Mar, 2009


Personally I'd use more than one plant variety but they are your hanging baskets

28 Mar, 2009

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