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Is it worth buying a heated propagator or do the non heated do as good a job



They're different things for different purposes - some seeds require bottom heat to germinate, some cuttings also to produce roots, but others don't.

25 Nov, 2011


id say there better as you have more options . you can always turn the power of but you cant add heat without a heated propergater .

25 Nov, 2011


A heated propargator is a boon to the gardener as it takes the uncertainty out of germinating expensive seeds and striking cuttings. One with a variable temperature control is even better.

25 Nov, 2011


I enjoy growing my own plants-- especially tomatoes and peppers-- well nigh impossible without the heated propagator

25 Nov, 2011


i totaly agree .

25 Nov, 2011


I took some cuttings from a tender salvia a month ago, having forgotten to do it earlier in the summer. The pots are stood on a heated propagating tray and they have rooted already; without bottom heat, it is very unlikely they would have 'taken' so late in the season. A heated propagator is definitely more flexible than an unheated one

25 Nov, 2011


great minds andrew asthey say lol .

26 Nov, 2011

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