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When can I move my plants out of the kitchen and into the greenhouse?


By Jeans

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I am now the proud owner of a green house and have been growing plants from seed indoors. I don't want to kill them off but need to know when it would be safe to move them into the green house.



I think they should be fine to move now as long as no frosts are forecast - if your greenhouse is unheated. If there is a frost after you've moved them, lay a length of fleece over the top of them overnight to be safe.

If you get a sunny day, open the door of the greenhouse for a few hours.

27 Mar, 2009


Thanks, we've got a bad weekend ahead, so will leave it another week, will go and buy some fleece also. Thanks again!

27 Mar, 2009


It also depends on what the seedlings are and where you live.

27 Mar, 2009


Hi Moon grower, thanks for answering. There are all sorts of bits and pieces....tomatoes, cucumber, sweet williams, cornflowers, basil, onions,,parsley, coriander, rosemary, oregano get the idea? Cheers.

28 Mar, 2009


Definitely OK in the greenhouse!

28 Mar, 2009


Thank you!

28 Mar, 2009


I agree go for it

28 Mar, 2009

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