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need to move a yew tree due to some building work, do they have a big route?



That depends upon How big the tree is, but generally speaking..Yes

26 Nov, 2011


A very long tap root with some side shoots in a ball around the main truck, though in insurance terms it is the only tree insurers are happy to be 5m from your house, according to an article in the Daily Telegraph last year. If the tap root has to be cut then this is a good time to do it. Suggest you try to dig up around the base as many small fibrous roots as you can before they are broken. Give it a good long water 24 hours before and immediately after moving. Try to move as much of the original soil it was growing in with the tree, and then water regularly until the roots have re-estalished, but don't drown it either or it will die!

26 Nov, 2011


How successful the move will be is largely dependent on how old the tree is - if its less than 5 years, take the care Avkg suggests with the roots and rootball and it should be fine. If its more than 10 years old, you'll need lifting gear such as a hoist on a small crane and a large tarpaulin to contain the rootball, which will be massive. Or several strong men...

27 Nov, 2011

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