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Are rubus idaeus rapsberries seedless? If not, is there a seedless raspberry? Do you know where I can buy plants?

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No it is not seedless this is one of the autumn fruiting raspberries. I am not aware of a seedless raspberry - the fruits are the seed containers.

27 Nov, 2011


R. idaeus is the species. They grow wild in many parts of the country here. There probably is a seedless form, the geneticists are full on with this sort of program.

28 Nov, 2011
There is a thread on here re seedless raspberries but you have to register as a member of the forum before you can look at it.

28 Nov, 2011


I can't imagine a raspberry without seeds - must be pretty odd!

28 Nov, 2011


None of my Autumn Bliss raspberries have seeds - just pure sweet flesh, year after year.

28 Nov, 2011

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