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Feeding wisteria

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have 'inherited' an established, though fairly small, wisteria at my new home. It flowered last year, but not heavily. Having read advice I trimmed it back last year after flowering and am hoping this will help to improve its chances! Can anyone now recommend what to feed it and how often? I know I need to do it soon! Thanks.



Trimming will undoubtedly help provided it's in a sunny position. You don't mention how long your plant has been there or how thick the main stem is, so I'll assume your plant has been in the ground up to five years.

You shouldn't need to feed, manure would be too rich. But it will appreciate a bark mulch and a 'tonic' such as sulphate of potash for the flowers. (Arthur Bowers do a range of tonics in plastic yellow boxes that have the advantage they don't suffer the wet - follow the instructions on the box).

And not for the first time I have recommend to people to check their soil pH. Yours should be between 6 & 7 for wisteria.

P.S. Ditto for your passion flower!

28 Mar, 2009


Thanks! I don't know how old it is but the main stem is a about 1.5 inches in diameter. My soil is neutral, I checked it when I moved in, but there are quite a lot of rhododendrons, hydrangeas, azaleas, roses and that ilk around about. (fairly heavy soil). I'll pop to my local nursery later for my sulphate of potash! Cheers!

28 Mar, 2009

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