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I have a Sophora microphylla 'Little Baby' and have been asked by a friend for cuttings to grow as bonsai. How and when do I propagate this shrub ?



This site..............

............says difficult from cuttings. In fact, most that I found say seeds.

28 Nov, 2011


Many thanks for the quick reply Meanie. Unfortunately the bush only produced one flower this year and no seeds. Have tried taking cuttings but all died. Will wait until next year to see if some seeds are produced.

29 Nov, 2011


I'm not sure where you are Alina, but Chiltern seeds list the seeds for S.japonica for a couple of quid.........

Sophora prostrata is the recognised species for bonsai, so may be better for your friend.

I asked a friend (who grows bonsai) about cuttings - he said soft tip cuttings in the spring.

Hope this helps..........

30 Nov, 2011


Hi Meanie, I'm in Devon. I will try soft tip cuttings in Spring and, failing that will advise friend of S. prostrata although he saw my 'Little Baby' and thought it would look good as bonsai in view of tiny leaves. Thanks, once again for all the advice.

30 Nov, 2011


Has he considered Albizia?
Very easy from seed.

30 Nov, 2011


I think the flowers on the Albizia are too large for a good-shaped bonsai. 'Little Baby' has tiny sparse leaves and small yellow flowers and is ideal for the proportions necessary. I think he already has several bonsai so knows his subject so I will try and accommodate him in the Spring. Thanks for further information.

30 Nov, 2011

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