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Hi all, I have a number of Agapanthus plants which are mostly well established but not sure whether to cut both flower spikes and leaves back to the ground for winter. Can anyone advise best course please?



I cut the leaves and spent flowers off mine back in September I think. You can do it now if you want, or leave them in place for added protection to the crowns, up to you.

28 Nov, 2011


If they are the evergreen sort of Agapanthus then they will not be hardy, so they will need winter protection. The hardy kind should have died back and can be tidied up.

28 Nov, 2011


Many thanks to you both, I will cut mine back now as they are going yellow and soft.

29 Nov, 2011


I would have left the leaves of the deciduous sorts to die back naturally, anyway, for the same reason that you would bulbs.

7 Dec, 2011

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