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How to apply topsoil over existing lawn?

Vermont, United States Us

Hi Everyone,
I am new on GOY but have been reading lots of posts. What a nice group!
My question is this: I have an older (1950's) house with a yard that doesn't seem to have been worked on since then! It is complete thatch and sunken up to 6" in places creating mini swamps. I tore out old established cedars from the front of the house and now have a trough that is about 6" deep and 8' x20' wide next to the house- luckily no drainage into the basement yet! i was told to get a large load of topsoil and grade it away from the house all the way to the curb... do I distribute the dirt over the existing lawn or must I tear up the whole thing and start over? ANY help on how to start would be great as we have a short growing season up here in Vermont.



Dig over the old lawn, taking out any rubbish and weeds. Then spread your other soil over the top. I know you are the other side of the pond, but I dug a lawn that way last year.

28 Mar, 2009


Hi Greengirl, Welcome to GoY. I'm not going to add anything to DoctorBob's answer 'cause I don't have a clue about lawns. I just wanted to say Hi ! :o)

29 Mar, 2009


To Doctorbob and Gilli, Thanks for the welcome and help! When I moved in there was also a too large veggie garden so you and I are on the same track Gilli! Looks like the same weather too :-) So docbob I will try what you said and clear the front lawn of all the weeds (which is the WHOLE thing), put down the new soil and reseed. Sounds like a lot of work but I have two teenage boys who will be wrangled into helping me for room and board, haha!

29 Mar, 2009


Good luck with that Greengirl. I have teenagers too.....sometimes I think it takes less energy to do things myself than to try and light a fire under their rears. LOL

29 Mar, 2009


Yes good luck with your teenagers, they do improve but it's a slow process.

29 Mar, 2009

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