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My cordyline is about 16ft high and although it suffered last winter it seems to have died completely as the year progressed. Should I take off all the dead leaves and wait..or give it the chop?



If you can bear to, wait till spring and chop it right down- this might have the effect of forcing new growth from the roots - if it doesn't then remove it, but wait till end of June - sometimes it takes that long to show new growth. If you don't like the look of it, just take it out - I'd have expected some baby growth at the base this year were the roots still okay.

1 Dec, 2011


I had 2 very big ones that did not survive last winter.One of them has now thrown up 5 babies!Will leave them to it this winter.I cut down the old trunks which were very thick.Other one is completely dead.Best of luck with yours

1 Dec, 2011


Thanks for the advice. I had a couple of babies that sprung out of the bottom in summer but they seem to have died too. I'll hold on till spring and see if there is any improvement.

1 Dec, 2011

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