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Sorry to keep asking questions, only way to learn, What in the experts opinion is the best all round feed to sprinkle on the garden at the start of the growing season Ive nearly finished a large tub of chicken manure pellets, lasted a long time that one, but I,d like to try a differant type for next year with better results, still in pellet form.Any answers will be great.



Don't apologise for asking questions, most of us are really pleased when someone posts one, specially this time of year when it's very quiet on the gardening front.
You're going to get differing opinions now, but personally, I'd choose Vitax Q4, added when you turn the soil over in the spring. Otherwise, there's Growmore - okay, doesn't have trace elements, but works pretty well and is pretty cheap. There is a difference between feeding the soil (enabling plants to seek out the nutrients they need) and feeding the plants - feeding the soil involves adding humus rich material like garden compost, leaf mould, things like that. A combined approach is usually best and more easily achievable - a nitrogenous balanced feed such as those mentioned in spring, with a mulch of composted materials while the soil is damp.

1 Dec, 2011


Thank you for your comments, I will order Vitax Q4 and growmore for next year and see how I get on.

1 Dec, 2011


You don't need both - choose one or the other, Waterbloke.

1 Dec, 2011


Agree with bamboo for a general fertilizer. Depending on what you have in your garden another option for all flowering shrubs, and roses, is Toprose - lots of minerals for healthy blooms and growth. Not just for roses. Compare the packet ingredients when you buy, and apply whichever suits your garden best. Chicken pellets are great for nitrogen and growth.

1 Dec, 2011


I like Miraclegrow slow release granules, but there are lots of right answers to this one!

2 Dec, 2011

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